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Korean Hairstyles For Women


Your hair style can tell a lot about your personality, about your habits, and about your everyday life. If you are a proactive, energetic person, you may want to have a look at the latest trends in Korean hair fashion. The diversity of Korean hair styles for women is simply amazing, and you can easily find one for yourself no matter what face shape or hair type you have.

When choosing a hair style, the first thing to consider is the length of your hair, of course. Hair texture and the shape of your face are other important factors to keep in mind. Women with oval face shapes find it much easier to choose a matching hair style. But even if your face shape is round, square, triangular or rectangular, you still can find some nice Korean hair styles that will match your face shape just perfectly.

Spiked hair styles are probably the most popular trend in Korean hair fashion. Spikes are used to highlight original haircuts, and the edgy hair ends specifically. Such hair styles look especially effective on those women who have square or round faces. Note that spiked hair styles are best suited for thick hair, and you will need much more cosmetics if your hair thin. Also, spiked hair styles are not the best option for you if you have a rectangular face and do not want to highlight this fact.

Anime hair styles are another popular trend in Asian hair fashion. Western girls and young women enthusiastically follow this trend, and not only because they want to look like popular anime cartoon characters. Anime hair styles come in different shapes and forms, but all of these hairdos look extremely original, elegant, and unique.

If you are into the most extreme Korean hair styles, punk style is what you need. Messy and eccentric punk hair styles look great both on short and long hair. Edgy multilayered haircuts are the basis for punk hair styles. Bright colors and multi coloring are other significant details of this style.

With the popularity of hipster trend in fashion, hipster hair styles have also become incredibly popular among young women and girls. The style itself is rather simple, and the main emphasis is made on the accessories and clothes rather than on the haircuts. Hence, if you are planning to go into hipster hair styles, you will certainly need lots of clasp-pins, headbands, hairpins, beads, and other bright hair accessories.

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