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Great Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair


One of the best ways through which women usually add a touch of finesse to a hairdo is usually by adding a color to their hair. This is because, colors when used well can ensure that a hairstyle is unique and at times make it a signature look for someone. Coloring hair with short hair is even more fun since short hair needs little maintenance and does not break at the ends too much, therefore someone can experiment with color all they want.

To start with when coloring short hair the best way to go about it would be to go for block shades. Using too many shades with short hair can create an unbalanced look for a person. In addition, since short hairdo falls in to both bold geometrical cuts, and layered textured cuts, then a person needs to be careful when choosing the right shades to use.

Red- is one of the more prominent color shades around. Therefore, any person who decides to try it out should not be shy about it. Common shades of red vary from blood orange, fiery red, vivid red and even vibrant strawberry. Therefore, the shades of red that can be found today are varied. However, in order for a person to look great in red, matching the color with one’s eyes is advised, for instance, deeper shades will go well with brown eyes.

Brown- is also another color shade that seems to be getting a new lease of life from people looking to push the boundaries of fashion. Brown is denoted as a color that adds approachability to a person and is deemed a safe color and not too brazen like red. Therefore, the numbers of women who opt for brown shades for short hair are many.

Blonde- This is another color tone, that has been gaining ground as a must try shade. The great thing about blonde is that it is not restricted to any hair type, skin shade, or color of eyes. Any person can try getting a blonde shade and end up looking good. Therefore, it is a great color shade for any person.

Nevertheless, in case you want to try out using a color shade for your short hair, it is wise if you seek help from an expert hair dresser. An expert can be able to match you with a great color tone that is matched to your skin, eye color, and even profession.

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