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Bob Hairstyles for Thick Hair


Have thick hair can be advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time. The advantage is that you do not have to struggle in ensuring that your hairstyle always has volume. On the down side, thick hair can be hard to manage especially when it comes to styling it. This is because so hairstyles to do hold up well with thick hair.

However, we are not ruling out the fact that there are specific hairstyles like the bob hairstyles that is suitable for thick hair. The bob cut makes thick hair look like the kind of hair you want to have. This is because the look requires one to be able to have or create the illusion of full hair.

Since you already have thick hair, there is no need to struggle with the creation of volume and bounce for your hairstyle. We all know that the bob cut can be maintained either short of long and both styles will work best with the bob hairstyle. Below we take a look in depth at the two hairstyles as far as thick hair is concerned.

1. The short bob hairstyles for thick hair is probably not as popular as the long one. This is because more people with thick hair prefer to go for the long rather than the short. However when you choose to go for the short thick bob cut, there are different dimensions of shortness that you can be able to apply. For instance, a bob cut that is up to the level of the eye can be appropriate while short than that can also work out. The shortness of the hair cut will largely be determined by your facial structure. Since the bob cut can be done in a number of styles that too will influence just how short you can go. The shortness should not be something to take lightly because one mess will either force you to shave the whole head or you will have to wait until your hair levels.

2. As for the long bob hairstyles for thick hair, there isn’t much to say about it simply because it is the most common bob style amongst women with thick hair. Because of the fact that it is long, one will have to visit the salon for a trimming level should their hair grow at a faster rate. Wearing your hair in a ponytail is also possible with this kind of a bob cut because the hair is longer. The current trend is to have one side longer than the rest as a new bob cut style.

Caring for either bob hairstyles for thick hair does not cost you much. Simply do what you would do with any other hairstyle that you can wear. Keep it clean and visit the salon once in a while.

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