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How to Care for Natural, Short African-American Hair


As compared to other girls, African-American girls have a lot of hair needs and find it challenging caring for their hair. Unlike other girls, their hair is naturally dry and coarse, it is also kinky and has an outer circle that is so thick. This makes it very hard for oils produced by the scalp t reach the end strands. Since their hair is dry and course it doesn’t grow down but grows up, their hair does not grow down as it is not weighed down by natural oils. African-American hair has a very unique texture this needs it to be taken care of using various hair care products and styled differently than other hair types. Below are the instructions of caring for this hair type.

  • Ensure that you do not wash your hair using any shampoo or conditioner not more than once every week, this is because washing the hair too much makes it drier and vulnerable to breaking. After sweating due to training or nay other activity, ensure that you rinse off the sweat, do not use any hair care product like shampoo, only use pure water and a leave in conditioner after washing.
  • Whenever sleeping, ensure that you wear a scarf. This will ensure that the hair maintains its moisture and also protects it from breaking when you rub it against a tough pillow.
  • Since the hair is naturally dry add some oil to it on a daily basis by using moisturizing products like hair lotion. Do not use petroleum jelly, grease or mineral based hair products since they clog the pores on the scalp. Look for only light oil products since they do not just moisturize but also help the scalp breathe. Every month, use hot oil treatment and also massage your scalp once every week so as to boost natural hair growth.
  • The major undoing of most black women is that they like styling their hair so as to draw a lot of attention, instead of doing them a lot of good these styles only stress the hair since they work against your natural hair texture. Avoid straightening, perming or heating your hair, look for and wear only trendy natural hair styles.
  • One of the most important hair care tips for African-American hair is not stressing it, rubber bands and brushes really stress the hair. Use combs and ribbons instead of brushes and rubber bands, if you have to brush your hair then brush it as little as possible.
  • Ensure that you eat a proper diet, eating foods rich in proteins, vitamins and also drinking a lot of water will promote your hair to grow naturally. Spritz a little hair every day on the hair every single day so as to help moisturize it. Water is the best hair care product.

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