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Popular Hairstyles from The 1960s


Popular hairstyles can easily be described as the kind of hairstyles that have been there for ages or simply worn by a majority of the population. Hairstyles have been there since time memorial. The only thing about them is that they tend to change with time as the world revolves as well. For this article we will be looking at some of the popular hairdos that were worn during the 1960s era. The era saw the introduction of casual and easy to manage hairstyles to the world. Before the 1960s, people used to wear their hair in formal hairstyles even if they were just staying at home. Some of this hairstyle can be spotted today but with a little bit of twist in them so as to give it the modern touch.

The popular formal hairstyles for the women during the 1960s included what was known as the bubble. This hairstyle was achieved by wearing the hair as high as possible in the head. The look was then completed by having soft curls fall out of the high hair hold. This formal popular hairstyle for women in the 1960s was designed to give one a longer and small face. This particular face simply because this was what was considered to be beautiful and attractive during that era. And since every woman wanted to long beautiful and find a suitable suitor, they simply had to wear their hair in the bubble style.  Other popular hairstyles for women during this time period were the beehive. The beehive was to be worn as high as possible. It was to last only up to the end of the 60s time period.

The bob cut was one of the popular hairstyles during the 1960s. This is the one hairstyle that has never run out of style up to this day and age. It was worn as a casual look but now there are certain ways through which one can make it look formal. During the 60s, the bob cut was available in different lengths just like it is today. The only major thing about the older bob cut was that hair was always parted at the middle and was meant to be straight. The flip like it was know was introduced during that time period as a way of creating something that was not to full on the head. It gave women the ability to have a simple hairstyle that they could wear on regular basis.

In order to create curls during the 1960s, big rollers were used on the hair over night. The ironing board did serve as a straightening tool for those who wanted achieve straight hairstyles. Popular hairstyles from the 1960 can still be worn today but the most important thing is that you give it a modern twist.

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