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Protective Hairstyles for African American Women


A protective hairstyle is a hairstyle that keeps your hair from drying out, reduces hair breakage and reduces the appearance of split ends. Former African-American model Wanakee was a pioneer in developing the idea of protective hairstyling and she wrote a booklet which taught African-American women how to wash and detangle hair correctly, the importance of trimming hair for hair growth, and focus on the ends of the hair for hair growth. When air dries out your hair, it becomes brittle and more prone to breakage. Protective hairstyling keeps your hair safe from harsh sun rays and winds, keeps moisture in your hair and reduces stress on your hair.

The best protective hairstyles are those that tuck your hair’s ends away and don’t have to be combed for days or weeks. These hairstyles include buns, braids, sewn-in weaves, twists and spiral curls. These hairstyles also look stylish and they minimize the time you spend on your hair every day. In recent weeks I’ve worn my hair in a braided bun and it is a timesaver for me.

If you’re going to choose a weave as a protective hairstyle as an African-American woman, don’t attempt to sew it in yourself unless you’re very skilled in doing it because a poorly styled weave will defeat the purpose of the weave. Instead you should visit a licensed and trained hairstylist who can put in weaves correctly. Ask your relatives or friends for recommendations of hairstylists or walk in a few salons and talk with the stylists.

If you’re a woman who is always on the go and can’t always visit a hairstylist or comb your hair every day, you would benefit from protective styling because protective hairstyles don’t take a lot of time to prepare and maintain. In addition, you can protect your hairstyle at night by putting a wrap scarf or satin cap over it to keep your hair from drying out.

If you’ve worn the same protective hairstyles for the past few weeks it’s time to switch things up. Keep the excitement of these hairstyles in your hair care routine by purchasing ethnic hair care magazines and looking at creative protective hairstyles. If you’re unable to do these hairstyles yourself, cut out the picture and have it done by your stylist.

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