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Choosing Braids Hairstyles for Men


The braids hairstyles are one of the unisex hairstyles we have in the world. This simply means that braids can be worn by both men and women. When it comes to women, braids can be worn in so many different styles but as for men, the cornrows are the only braids suitable for them. Cornrows can be done in so many different styles depending on a number of things as well.

For this article, we will be concentrating on what one needs to consider when picking out braids styles for men. These factors will mostly apply to men and their styles as they go to get their hair done.

  • Facial shape: This is the first factor to consider simply because it is the only universal factor that will affect any kind of hairstyle one wishes to get. You need to consider if you have a round or long face. Thereafter, it will be easy for you to pick out a suitable braids style for your face. It can cost you so much in regards to looks when you choose to ignore this factor and get any kind of hairstyle.
  • Profession: If you are working, you might want to consider if your profession allows you to wear braids hairstyles as a man. There is no point of you loosing your job simply because you are in braids. As for those of us who can wear braids to work, keeping it simple is the best way to go for your braids. Remember that you want to look professional and simplicity is one way of looking professional in the work place.
  • Age: Lets face it; some of us are too old to wear braids. Most people will take men who wear braids as men who are not yet mature enough. They still do not know what they want in life and if they do, they are not too serious about it. That is why it will look odd for a fifty year old to be wearing braids. For a man to get braids and be accepted in the society warmly, it would be better is they are below the age of thirty.
  • Durability: As much as braids hairstyles look good on men, we all know that men are generally lazy. That is why they will wear their braids for as long as they can thus the need to make them durable. Durability when it comes to braids simply means that they will not loosen up quickly.
  • Ease to care for: As a man looking to have braids, it is better to ask your stylist to give you a look that you can easily manage. We all know that men are generally poor when it comes to putting in extra effort in their looks. That is why braids hairstyles that will take up as less time as possible will be ideal for most men.

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