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Hair styles for Indian women

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Traditionally Indian women tend to have long hair that extends towards the waist. For Indian women use their hair as a source of pride and for this reason they let their hair grow as long as possible and rarely cut it. India is a hot country and so most hair styles usually are designed to be comfortable in these conditions. Some of the most common hair styles in India include the following;

Traditional braid: these are the most common hairstyles among Indian girls. They were traditionally used to signify a woman’s marital status and two braids symbolized singlehood while one braid meant that she was married. To create these braids, you first need to separate the hair into 3 sections after that you weave the strands into a braid and this is achieved by crossing the left strand with the middle then inserting the right strand in between. Continue with this process until all the hair strands have been braided and then secure the ends with elastic. For the case of 2 braids the hair is separated in the middle and each section is braided separately in the same manner.

The traditional Indian bun is also another very popular among many Indian women.

This style is popular due to the fact that it is very easy to create and thus is perfect for busy and working class women.

To achieve this look you first of all have to brush your hair backwards and then tie it into a ponytail which is held together with elastic. The loose hair is twisted around the elastic in a circular motion and then held together with a pin. If you want a braided bun you can brush the hair to form a ponytail and then braid it. The braid is twisted into a coil near the nape of the neck as secured with a bobby pin.

Short hair styles: this refers to hair styles that are very common among Indian women with short hair cuts. This style is particularly important for the working women who are always busy but they still want that sophisticated but feminine look all the time. The short bob is particularly a good choice for Indian women who want short hair style. You should select the bob that is evenly cut and which has strands that are slightly longer especially at the front. For a trendy look you should go for the shag look with a huge number of uneven layers both at the front and ate the back.

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