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Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes


Whether you are planning to create a new image or you simply want to refresh your style, it can be rather difficult to choose an ideal haircut. And it’s not a secret that your haircut can tell much about your personality.  Your choice of a haircut should depend on your hair type, as well as on your face shape. Surely, you can give a try to different haircuts and hair styles if you so desire, but it will be much easier for you to make a right choice with a piece of advice from a professional stylist. With some simple tricks from professional stylists, you can easily make a perfect choice. And if you want to highlight or hide some traits (such as large ears, for example), you surely need to know more about different hair styles for your face shape.

If you have an oval face shape, it should be pretty easy for you to choose a hair style, because almost any hair style will suit you just perfectly. Keep in mind though that long straight hair can make your face look even more elongated. Other than that, oval face shape is regarded as an ideal shape. Which is why, women with other face shapes always try to choose those hair styles that could visually change the shape of a face and make it look more like a perfect oval.

As for example, women with round faces usually choose those hair styles that visually lengthen face shapes. If you want to have bangs, it can be a good idea to stick to some asymmetric options (the same goes for partings). Combing your hair back is a bad idea, because your face may look even more rounded. Very short haircut is the worst option for you.  And bob haircut can be a perfect choice for a woman with a round face.

Women with square faces should follow the same principle as women with round faces. You need to make your face look more elongated. Same asymmetric bangs and partings can help you to visually change the shape of your face. And if you have a triangular face shape, you should do exactly the opposite. You don’t want to highlight your forehead, but you surely want to add some volume to your chin.

Bangs are a perfect choice for those women who have rectangular face shapes. This will help you to make your face look less elongated. And any hair style that will make your face look more rounded is an ideal choice for you.

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