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How to Embrace Your Curly Hair


A basic rule of life is that you want what you do not have and do not want what you do have.  This fundamental idea is no more clearly seen that in hairstyles.  People with straight hair want curly hair.  People with curly hair want straight hair.  However, fighting your natural hair type can get really tedious and expensive.  It is better to just embrace what you have in the best way possible.  Curly hair can really be beautiful in its own right.  Since it is rare in its truest form, really curly styles are also pleasantly unique.  You can easily stand out of the crowd by fully utilizing your curls.  Still, there of course are natural pitfalls with naturally curly hair.  Common complaints include lack of curl definition, frizz, and overall style.  These can all be addressed and easily pushed aside if you truly commit to a curly style.

The actual weight of your hair is one of the biggest causes of problems with your curls.  When curly hair is weighed down, it is more prone to floppy, weak curls as well as frizz.  Having your hair cut into layers really helps with the issue.  This specialized haircut is curl friendly and helps to add overall shape.  Uniform layers throughout your hair will act as the perfect balance of volume and body.  If you want to really promote and support even more body and volume, you should try to get layers cut through the sides and back of your hair instead.

For those who want to tone down the natural fullness of curls, use subtle layers that are added to the edges of your hair.  It will reduce the weight of your hair to add curl definition but will balance out the innate body so that it still stays close to your head.  On the other hand, if you simply want a wild and free look, try a mixture of short and long layers throughout your hair.

After you have had your curls cut to your ideal style, there are still some styling tips to make them reach their maximum potential.  Since blow-drying can add frizz, use your dryer on a cool temperature or with a diffuser if you choose to use one at all.  Natural drying is best if you have the time.  Also, try to go easy on thick shampoos.  Curls actually behave better when they are not washed every day so you can easily get away with it.

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