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Traditional Mexican Hair Styles


Mexican hair styles are very stylish and are thus have very many varied hair styles. Traditionally most Mexican women would prefer to wear long hair style rater tan short hair styles. Mexican hair styles are known to be very simple but functional. Some of the common Mexican air styles include:

Braiding: most Mexican women would traditionally have one long simple strand of hair extending down their backs. Another simple way that most women would wear their hair is to wear a two strand braid; this is partly achieved by parting the hair right in the middle and ten braiding it backwards toward the neck. To create a good braid you first of all need to separate the hair into 3 similar sections. You will then take the strand at the right and cross it over the middle strand and pull the tight together.

Then take the left strand and place it on top of the strand formed by the middle and the right strand and hold it tightly. Repeat the process till you reach the end of the hair at which point you are going to secure it with a band. This style can be accessorized with different accessories but the most elegant is the hair ribbon added to the end of the braids.

Another traditional Mexican air style is the traditional is the low braided chignon. This style basically refers to a bun that is worn to the nape of the neck. This style is very easy to create and it involves parting the hair at the middle towards the front while at the back you braid it down towards the neck. The braid is then wrapped around itself to help create a coil of the hair and then securing the created coil with a bobby pin to prevent unwanted stray hair. You can twist and fold your hair into very many styles depending on the length of hair you have so as to create different elegant styles.

Most women in traditional Mexican society preferred the high chignon. This involves creating a high bun on one’s head and was a very popular hair style with many women in Mexican societies. To achieve this air style you will need to create a pony tail by pulling all your hair towards the back and hold it together using a rubber band. Then create a high braided band by pulling your hair round the rubber band or pulling the pony tail into the rubber band and then complete the look by adding flowers.

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